The Red Ailen is a type of Ailen which first appeared in DJ Colors. They grant DJ, Brianna, or Jerrell the Red Firecracker Rainbow Power.

Red Ailen

An Red Ailen.

First appearance

DJ Colors



  • DJ Colors
  • DJ Lost Dimension
  • DJ Generations 
  • DJ Lost Zone (mentioned)
Real-world designer(s)



Biographical overview
  • Momma Ailen (mother)
  • The Ailen race (siblings)
Physical description






Alignment and character traits


Skills, abilities and powers
  • Flight
  • Rainbow Power usage and bestowment


 [hide] *1 Physical Appearance

Physical AppearanceEditEdit

The Red Ailens have a firework-shaped body, with one orange eye lined up vertically. Instead of tentacles like most other Ailens, they instead have rocket blasting structures on their underside.

Game AppearancesEditEdit

DJ ColorsEditEdit

In DJ Colors, when their homeworld was moved to Earth by Dr. Kobo, the Red Ailens and the rest of their race were threatened to be enslaved by Kobo, who wanted their Rainbow Power to control the mind of everyone on Earth. Fortunately, the Red Ailens and the rest of their race were all freed thanks to DJ the Hedgehog, Brianna the Hedgehog, and Jerrell the Dog. After[1]Kobo's Awesomeness Park imploded into a black hole, the Red Ailens worked together with the rest of their race in stopping the black hole and succeeded, before returning with their homeworlds to their original place in the universe.

DJ GenerationsEditEdit

The Red Ailens reappeared in DJ Generations on Planet Ailens and Tropical Paradise, where they would grant Modern DJ the Red Firecracker.

DJ Lost DimensionEditEdit

The Red Ailens are set to appear in the 3DS version of DJ Lost Dimension.

DJ Lost ZoneEdit

The Red Ailens was mentioned by Classic Mikey and Classic Dr. Kobo.

Personality and TraitsEditEdit

The Red Ailens are a very emotional and sensitive breed of Wisps, whose emotions can fluctuate rapidly. They are easily elated when they are praised, get depressed if they make a mistake, and can likewise get angry very easily.

Abilities and PowersEditEdit

As Ailens, the Red Ailens are able to float in midair at will, which serve as their main method for movement.

The Red Ailens are able to generate and store their own unique variant of a powerful energy known as Rainbow Power inside their own bodies, which is their life source. It is unclear to what extend they can use their own Rainbow Power, through they have been shown being able to use it to revert Negative Ailens back to normal, carry objects through levitation, teleport objects and restrain black holes made from Rainbow Power.

The Red Ailens are able to enter the body of other beings, as if they are intangible, and lend their Rainbow Power to the being in question. In DJ, Brianna, and Jerrell's case, when using a Red Ailen's Rainbow Power, it transforms into the Red Firecracker, allowing DJ, Brianna, and Jerrell to blast themselves up to tremendous heights at high speeds then self-destruct into flaming bits. Apparently, the Red Ailens' powerful emotions can used to fuel the Red Firecracker. In DJ Colors and DJ Generations the Red Ailens were seen only in 2-D sections of the games While in DJ Lost Dimension they will now be seen in 3-D sections as well.