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Red Hill
  •  3DS
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DJ Generations


A busy rolling hilltop with large loops, treacherous caverns and gorgeous mountain water falls pouring into a dazzling clear sea.


Northern Isle

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DJ the Hedgehog (Modern and Classic)

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Cyberbug, Cyberfish (normal and gigantic), Cyberfly, Mega Cyberbug, Cybernewt, and Cyberbee

Red Hill is the first stage of the 10th Anniversary celebration game DJ Generations . This level is a re-imagination of the Red Hill Zone from the original DJ the Hedgehog for the DS, and part of Classic Era.


 [hide] *1 Gameplay


Act 1/Act 2EditEdit

Red Hill with Classic DJ. Classic DJ's rendition of the well known zone consists of the young hedgehog running through the section at pacing to high speeds running up downward-vertical spirals and running on ceilings and platforming on wooden swings while bouncing on springs to the nostalgic end level signpost.

Act 3/Act 4EditEdit

Modern DJ on Red Hill. Modern DJ's take on the level begins with him pacing and eventually speeding through Red Hill performing extreme "Triple Tricks", grinding, and blazing through by using his boost move (only available to Modern), going up half loops and doing dangerous and sometimes unorthodox ways to get through. His levels focuses on the newer generation, taking elements from DJ Unleashed and DJ Lost Dimension, by performing Triple Tricks, and going to extreme treacherous areas. After pacing throughout the level he comes to a cave where a gigantic Cyberfish starts destroying the rails DJ is grinding on. Afterwards, a bit more platforming must be completed before the end of the level.

Red Hill in the hub world (3DS) The handheld version is completely same, being on the Nintendo 3DS, it is in stereoscopic 3-D and it's based on the Console and Handheld games. In this version of the level, there are grind rails, totem poles that are falling apart (which Modern DJ can use for his own benefit) and also when the end comes up, Modern DJ must boost through to avoid getting crushed by a giant totem pole. The camera swings around in front of the him to show the rest of the pole toppling behind him, using the amazing 3D while DJ boosts to stay ahead. The level design is similar to the DJ X[1] version of the level.

Challenge Battles EditEdit


Act 1/Act 2EditEdit

  • Jeff the Killer Race: Face off against Jeff the Killer and beat him in a race to the goal.
  • Mikey Told You: Beware of Mikey's traps before you reach the goal before time runs out.
  • J'Von Secret Weapon: A horde of enemies will try to interfere in your race with J'Von.
  • One Pulley: Use the pulley to go up and up and reach the goal in the allotted time.
  • Double Speed: Collect Power Orbs to reach the goal before time runs out.

Act 3/Act 4EditEdit

  • Look Out Below!: Reach the goal before time runs out, but watch out for the rising Cyberfish!
  • Mikey: Way Past Fast: Race to the goal against Mikey in his jet.
  • Jane the Killer Race!: Face of against Jane the Killer and beat her in a race to the goal.
  • DJ Rush: Master the Boost Panels as you run your way to the goal within the time limit.
  • 200% Max Speed: Your Boost Meter is double. Reach the goal to earn the Boost Meter Up Skill!


  • DJ the Hedgehog (Classic and Modern)
  • Mikey the Kitsune (Classic and Modern, Rescue Modern character, Modern mission for Act 2)
  • J'Von the Echidna (Classic and Modern, Mission for Act 1)