Shavon the Hedgehog is the final rival in DJ Generations , fought in a race reminiscent of the original battle, Water Temple, and Intense Chase from DJ Rush and also partially resembles Youth Basher from DJ Rush Quest.

Shavon the Hedgehog

DJ Generations


Water Temple

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Spiritual Clarke

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Space Crusher


The battle is fought somewhere in Water Temple. DJ and Shavon must race each other to gain Intense Power . However, because Shavon can perform a Intense Boost move, DJ will have to keep performing boost as well in order to keep ahead of Shavon; boost energy can be obtained by collecting rings, jumping off trick ramps, or destroying enemies. When DJ and Shavon collide with their boost, they will ricochet off each other sometimes sending either off to the side, where it's harder to collect the Intense Power. If DJ falls too far behind Shavon, Shavon will fire several Intense Bombers directly at DJ (getting hit by them with no rings will still result as DJ losing a life as normal). DJ can also attack Shavon via Target Smash or Boosting into her while she's not boosting to knock off her rings, but ultimately, both will want to finish each other off using their special attack. Once either DJ or Shavon gain Intense Power, they will immediately perform a special attack. If Shavon gains Intense Power first, she will launch several Intense Blast that DJ will have to avoid using quick step, before launching a large Intense Blast at DJ applying Ultra Control to try to throw off DJ's timing. If DJ gains Intense Blast first, his boost now lets him smash into gimmicks that will fly into Shavon, slowing her down. If DJ can catch up to Shavon, he can ram into Shavon eating away at her rings. The battle ends when either character loses all their rings whilst the other is performing their special attack.


  • The main stage theme is a remix of "I'm A Overdrive Girl" from DJ Rush. During the stage, if DJ gains Intense Power, the music switches to upbeat Back 2 The Rush. If Shavon gains Intense Power, the music switches to remix of True Anger. After about 40 seconds, the music returns to I'm A Overdrive Girl.