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Spiritual Clarke

DJ Generations


Spirit Realm

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Spiritual Clarke is the fifth rival in DJ Generations, fought in the Modern Era.


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Normal ModeEditEdit

The rival battle with Spirtual Clarke is set upon a long old bridge heading to the key in Spirit Realm, with Spiritual Clarke flying alongside DJ. Clarke will attack DJ with a wide variety of spirit attacks. Clarke starts off the fight by use her spirits to pick up rubble from the bridge and throw it directly at DJ. Clarke can attack by either hovering big ball of rubble directly above DJ and try to crush him with them, usually smashing one down before the other two, but can switch combinations every time the attack is done, picking up and throwing one object at a time, or collecting various objects from the bridge to launch at DJ. However, at this point, DJ can use his target smash on said objects to attack Clarke. Clarke can also attack by creating a large, makeshift sharp stone pillar to charge at DJ. DJ has to jump onto the pillar and boost forward to get close to Clarke, and attack her. During the battle, Clarke can use Intense Burst[1], a large explosion of anger, and the after smash hits DJ (similar to the Biohazard stomp attack in DJ Adventure 2). Clarke's final, strongest attack, known as Energy Taker, has her spirits to take energy from DJ, tired out DJ if he cannot outrun the spirit. While DJ runs from the spirits, Clarke will zap Sonic with a ray from the side of the bridge. DJ must avoid this, while, at the same time, boosting to catch up with Clarke and attack her, in which successfully doing so causes Clarke to fall to the ground and get zap by the ray, ending the fight, and granting DJ a Ultra Emerald. It takes a total of 5 hits to defeat Clarke on Normal mode.